Saturday, January 10, 2009

Little Bugger!

Okay, yes I know Bugger in England is not a nice word, but in our family it has been a slang word for over 100 yrs now, due to my great gran being English so.... Anyway, there is NO other way to describe our son, not to mention he is deserving of this.

Today we went to Sam's Club and purchased way too many things, being among them, chips. Well, I couldn't fit the large box of chips in our pantry, so I looked for a place that would be handy and safe from my "little bugger". I put them up on top of our cabinets in the kitchen. While I was visiting Adam in our office upstairs, Alexander took the opportunity and went downstairs and pulled a chair up to the counter to try and climb up the cabinets. I came downstairs before he could pull this off. What I saw though, put the fear of God into me.

There was a chair pulled up to the counter directly beneath the cabinet where upon the box of chips was placed. I had announced that I was coming down the stairs and my little bugger that is almost 4 yrs old, ran for the hills. I did for the sake of letting people see how far up the box was put him on the chair and took pictures. I am sure many of you can relate.

Well, it is at the end of our day and I am tired. Unfortunately I don't think I will be going to bed anytime soon. Alysia, has gotten into the habit of going to see and then waking up at 10:30 p.m. and won't go to sleep until after 11:00. She has also been screaming during this time. Tonight, she is jumping and completely WIRED! My eyes however, are crossing! It also appears that she is taking to her sister's need to strip, and I had her safety pinned! I need a camera in there room so I can see how they are getting, naked.

Anyway, my love to you all, and yes, we have pictures to show, and no, Adam has not fixed the technical difficulties, which means I get to use his computer.


Laura and Laron Ross Family said...

He sounds like a lively boy! By the way what was your calling? I am glad you are back to updating.

NinjaMom said...

Caty - it's Tracy, check out my blog, it's about time you have updated yours!!!
have a good one!!!

Heidi, Chris, and Lexi Glidewell said...

I think that all moms go straight to heaven, especially you. You have your hands full, but you are doing well. It was fun seeing you guys. Tell the kids we say hi.